40-Inch TV & DVD Equipment in Kenya

40-Inch TV & DVD Equipment in Kenya
40-Inch TV & DVD Equipment in Kenya
This parameter shows the number of pixels on the TV screen. For ease of perception, this parameter is usually described by letter designations. The resolution of 1366×768 pixels is called HD Ready, 1920×1080 pixels is called Full HD, and 3840×2160 is called UltraHD. Naturally, the higher the resolution, the better the image quality. For 40 inches, Full HD is quite enough, unless, of course, you are watching TV completely at close range.
While a high resolution removes graininess, a higher refresh rate reduces blur and artifacts.
Most broadcast formats use 50 Hz video transmission. Many are accustomed to such a frame rate on the screen, and do not even notice the blur of the image with fast movements, especially with a sharp change in direction. https://jiji.co.ke/tv-dvd-equipment/40_inch
A scan rate of 100-120 Hz gives a tangible improvement in picture quality, which is why it is somewhere at this level on the best 40-inch TVs. But 200 Hz and above do not give such a noticeable change in blur, as between 50 and 100 Hz. TVs with a refresh rate of 200 Hz or more are significantly more expensive than others. And whether it is worth spending extra money on such equipment is up to you.
Smart TV technology is very convenient for those who cannot imagine their life without the Internet. It allows you to not only watch movies online, but also surf the web and chat with friends. True, due to the limited capabilities of budget TVs, Smart TV often slows down slightly.
Wi-Fi support makes it more convenient to use Smart TV, as it eliminates the need to pull a cable to the LAN port to connect.
For simple viewing of programs on most channels, one built-in tuner is enough, which decodes the digital signal, turning it into visual images. The best 40-inch TVs support all existing broadcast formats (DVB-T / C / S). But the second tuner will allow you to use the PiP (picture-in-picture) function, which is very convenient for watching TV programs, and especially for using Smart TV.
Most often, manufacturers seek to improve contrast, color depth and image clarity by simply increasing the number of pixels. HDR technology provides a different approach – improving the quality of the pixels themselves without increasing their number.
When using HDR technology, the contrast and color reproduction of TV screens are noticeably increased. Of course, 40-inch TVs based on this technology are significantly more expensive than their counterparts, but lovers of high-quality video will appreciate the difference. It is especially noticeable when using game consoles.
40-inch TVs with 3D support are no longer exotic, and films in this format are easy to find, so there are not so many problems with obtaining content.
The basis of 3D technology is that the image is transmitted separately for each eye, and an equal clock frequency is required for each video stream. In the best TVs with a diagonal of 40 inches, the summed sweep frequency of both streams is not lower than 200 Hz, and the response speed of the matrix is ​​not more than 3 ms. Naturally, they are more expensive, but you can also watch 3D films with almost the same quality as in cinemas.
The disadvantages of the Samsung UE40NU7100U TV can be attributed to the not very convenient remote control and the lack of Bluetooth, but this is not essential. It’s nice to get a 4K HDR TV of this quality for 28,000 rubles. On this model, the frame rate is quite good – 100 Hz, which almost completely removes image blur. In addition, it supports almost all existing media formats (MP3, WMA, MPEG4, HEVC (H.265), MKV, JPEG).
The Panasonic TX-40FSR500 TV has one undoubted advantage over its competitors – the presence of an IP-based home control system. If you need this convenience, then it’s not a pity to pay 22,000 rubles for this model. This model uses the HDR 10 standard, in addition, it supports multi-window mode, which is very convenient for Smart TVs. A slight downside to the Panasonic TX-40FSR500 TV is the not-so-convenient remote, but overall it’s the best 40-inch TV with Wi-Fi.
3D technology is not cheap, so do not be surprised at the cost of the TV Loewe Connect ID 40 51463Y84 – about 80,000 rubles. And digital noise cancellation gives this German a tangible advantage over the competition. The active 3D technology may seem uncomfortable in the first minutes, but the image in it is much more colorful and brighter, and the Dolby Digital 2.0 sound will give a feeling of complete immersion. All in all, Loewe Connect TV ID 40 51463Y84 is our pick of the best 40-inch 3D TVs.