About Us – AdForest WordPress

About Us – AdForest WordPress
About Us - AdForest WordPress

I recently had great things happen with my time as Ad Forest WordPress Administrator. While all this is good, it still comes at the price of having to keep my job. It’s difficult to balance running a business as an admin in a world where all business needs are funded or they’re not in the same league of business and have to compete with their competitors every step of the way. The biggest challenge I experienced on the job was my management team. My team was in a perpetual state of transition from being part of a small team to having the CEO to be responsible for running the site to being a full-time CEO.

For me, I didn’t have much of a plan when it came to managing what I thought was an easy-to-run business for most of my years in the position. In the mid-2000s, I ran something called Ad Forest in California. I took a bit of a vacation and focused more on my business development, but did manage to take some time off from working in other people’s offices and doing that. Then I went to work as an Office 365 user. Having a personal office had a lot of advantages. I took the liberty of setting up a small office, but having the tools I needed was more to me than having an employer.

I have learned something new from managing this business and I think that is how it can go from learning about business to being part of an organization.

About Us – AdForest WordPress Tutorial

What is ADForest ?

ADForest is a project I created with my sister-in-law. She wrote a plugin that saves user’s home page on her WordPress hosting account, with a few key plugins. It’s very simple, but it has many many interesting features. The plugin saves all your home page on a single login page for your website and it’s very easy to use.

ADForest is also an advanced search engine (search engine at work) which automatically displays the best results based on a search string.

ADForest works in the following ways:

Downloads all your homepage files into a “directory which contains all content on your site”, where all pages are downloaded in one place.

Does a simple search (like wp.ads) provide you with the most up-to-date address on your site

And in case of any problems, there are 3 types of commands the user can:

Copy search.

Edit search form.

Read/edit search form.

Copy or delete search form.

Downloads all a new directory to make sure you have all your content, including your home page.

Now that you have all your WordPress files, where do you want to install it?

In most browsers it has this syntax:

In IE:

(add root:/)