Children’s Dresses in Tanzania

Children’s Dresses in Tanzania
Children's Dresses in Tanzania
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Treasures of Africa orphanage, located in Moshi at the foot of Kilimanjaro, is a shelter for abandoned children and orphans, which has been warming them with its warmth and affection for more than ten years.
Boys with soccer ball from Trasures of Africa
Children are loved here: Treasures of Africa are cared for, educated, delicious food prepared with love, clothing and a safe home.
After studying in an orphanage, after reaching a certain age, children enter universities and colleges.
Despite everything, the kids here are very cheerful, kind and always welcome new people and guests. Sincerity is in their eyes.
Sincere eyes of children from Treasures of Africa
Treasures of Africa is founded by an American non-profit organization and is funded exclusively by donations from tourists who come here from all over the world.
Its directors are an American couple who try their best to provide care for their “residents” of the shelter.
The Altezza Travel team encourages our esteemed travelers not to remain indifferent and visit an orphanage while in Tanzania. Kids will love new pencils, scrapbooks, felt-tip pens and just your attention.
Treasures of Africa themselves have compiled a list of things that children always really need: Children’s Dresses in Tanzania
On our own behalf, we can also recommend bringing felt-tip pens, sketchbooks, notebooks, colored pencils and other educational items for children.