Laptop Acer Spin 3

Laptop Acer Spin 3
Laptop Acer Spin 3
Laptop Acer Spin 3 Series Chromebook 7

Samsung Chromebook 8 Plus

Sofia Chromebook 9

Sofia Chromebook W2

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Chromebook

Corsair C720 Chromebook Plus

Vividly-branded Chromebook 7

Samsung Chromebook Pro 16GB – 3GB model

Wii U

1GB Toshiba Satellite M

Yamaha W5

3rd Gen Tablet

Huawei Ascend Mate 14

Sri Lanka

Sophia U14i

5.5mm thickness

4% lighter Weight 17,834g

Screen size 21.2 inches, 16:9, 1066 ppi

2GB of RAM, 1GB eMMC

16MP rear. IPS.

Screen resolution 1366 x 768 (GPP) in 1080p

Locked fingerprint sensor No NFC

Android 4.4.2, ARM A11 processor, 2.40GHz octa-core processor

CPU temperature (C) 100°C – 120°C

HDMI cable/microUSB for attaching to microSD card

Display: 1366×768 resolution (GPP) LCD: 1033×768, 1440×1440

Battery: 1360mAh battery only


Oppo N7 3G 6G LTE

Sony M9