Memoirs of graduates of the Balakirev Children’s Art School.

Memoirs of graduates of the Balakirev Children’s Art School.

I studied at the Balakirevsky school from 1997 to 2005 in the piano class at the choir department. Now I am 26 years old, and looking back, I understand that music lessons played a huge role in shaping my personality, strengthening my character. Why am I so sure?

Music school is a discipline. From the first to the last grade. You cannot memorize a 10-page work for an exam if you study once a week.

Checked on myself. So you just habituate yourself to a rigid schedule, force yourself to sit down at the instrument and play, play until the scales and arpeggios begin to bounce off your fingers by themselves.

Music lessons teach you never to give up. When you sight-read a new play, at first you are overwhelmed by despair: I can never play it with both hands, and even at such a pace as indicated in the sheet music! A couple of months later, you perform the same piece with your eyes closed, and the teacher asks you not to rush.

Impossible tasks do not exist for those who graduated from music school.

First of all, I am immensely grateful to my piano teacher Tatyana Vasilievna Molchanova, a true professional in her field, whose pedagogical talent was one of the main sources of inspiration for me in my studies. When I didn’t want to go to class or study, I understood that I simply could not let Tatyana Vasilyevna down. I still keep in touch with Tatyana Vasilievna and hope that new students appreciate her as much as I and my whole family.

I would also like to thank the solfeggio teacher Dmitry Iosifovich Shabelnikov for the patience and understanding, the choir teacher Olga Georgievna Orekhova, the music literature teacher Evgeny Gennadievich Zaidel and everyone who continues to develop the Balakirev school. I wish the school prosperity, new interesting projects and talented, motivated students!

Victoria Pechernikova, director of the Moscow theater “Et Cetera”

“My son is now studying with the piano teacher who led me until graduation.”

I remember very well the lessons with my favorite piano teacher Irina Suleimanovna Salikhova. Everything that I can do about the piano (and after graduating from the Balakirev school, I went to study at the school of Galina Vishnevskaya) is the merit of Irina Suleimanovna, her patience and selfless love for her students. She instilled in me a respect for music and a desire to discover the composer in myself.

I can still read from the sheet only thanks to her. On the wall in Irina Suleimanovna’s office were portraits of composers and their quotes, and I remembered them from childhood. Irina Suleimanovna was my teacher until the 7th grade, right up to graduation.

Now my son Nikita is studying with her.

I remember with great warmth my first teacher in solfeggio, Ada Lvovna Tseitlin. We all loved her lessons very much, she was very kind, responsive, wrote several textbooks, and we were happy to study according to her author’s method.

With special joy I remember my teacher of choral singing Galina Konstantinovna Popova. We studied in a white one-story building opposite the school. And there was always a very cozy atmosphere. We went to choir lessons with great joy.

And I remember very well how Galina Konstantinovna loved us, cherished and remembered all our birthdays, gave us sweets, how we performed at different venues, and sometimes I was even a concertmaster.

I also remember well my teachers of the last year of study – Eduard Rubenovich Darchinyants and Roman Igorevich Dormidoshin. With them we composed music and studied computer arrangement. I still remember the song that we, together with Eduard Rubenovich, composed to the poems of K. Balmont. And such an episode is connected with Roman Igorevich.

We had graduation, and we danced the waltz, and Roman Igorevich, seeing that I was very shy and no one invited me, invited me to the waltz. For which I am incredibly grateful to him so far, it was my first dance in my life.

It is great to see how the school has changed and develops. I watch my son and his activities and remember those wonderful years. The base was obtained precisely at this school. Now I work as a director of a drama theater, I constantly use music in my works, I love it and consider myself partly a musician, because most of my life has been associated with classical music. But studying at the Vishnevskaya school and subsequent education at the music faculty at GITIS would have been impossible if in childhood I had not received knowledge and skills at the school.

M. A. Balakireva.

Many thanks to my teachers and a deep bow!

Inna Klochko, soloist of the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Theater.