Part Time Work

Part Time Work
Part Time Work
Part Time Work: 2 Hours

Location: Chicago IL
Age: 23

Previous Experience: 2 years in Japan by JRPG company Atlus

I’m a huge fan of the concept of making characters and supporting characters of your own, and a big fan of JRPG series, and will probably never again try to go to a Japanese JRPG game without seeing more than some of the more obscure examples.

So, my experience playing this game through with a variety of people with varying skills, from RPG to a wide assortment of players, I’ve been completely hooked in the way it’s actually played and the way it’s played. The game seems great and feels almost like it’s being tried at a really serious level, where it does manage to be hard to avoid and to have it be fun while being unique as well as challenging. Most of the times you win or beat some boss or some other challenge that requires a massive amount of cash, so the experience is worth it. When I played it for a while I got used to its mechanics and the more I played of it I came to appreciate the whole system, and I hope it helped to broaden my skills to a point where I can try a few of the things I love for a living.

(Edit: I’ll admit that some of my first impressions of this game after it comes out are somewhat negative because it’s a 3D RPG, which it is, as I get older I’ll