Retriever Dogs & Puppies in Uganda

Retriever Dogs & Puppies in Uganda
Retriever Dogs & Puppies in Uganda
(Golden Retriever, Golden Retriever)
The high intelligence of this dog allows it to catch the smallest intonations of its owner and make all wishes come true.
Getting to know the breed should start with basic information.
There are three types of golden retrievers:
This is not to say that they are completely different. Their temperament, intelligence, life expectancy are completely the same. But there are certain differences that determined the division of the breed into different types.
Canadian retrievers are a cross between the two types listed above: they are similar in height and build to European retrievers, but have a lighter color, such as that of the American breed type.
Golden Retrievers are often compared to Labradors. They differ in that the Labrador has a shorter coat, they are of a denser constitution. Retrievers have a more beige coat, while Labradors are more yellow in color.
The popularity of dogs of this breed is growing noticeably. The American Retriever Club alone registers over 70,000 dogs annually, and this statistic is increasing every year. Retriever Dogs & Puppies in Uganda
The popularity of this breed is due to their nature – they are kind, intelligent, playful – ideal friends for any family. The life span of golden retrievers is 10-12 years.
Golden Retrievers are harmoniously built, symmetrical, active, strong, sturdy. Their head is always proportional to the body, the skull is slightly convex and wide. The muzzle is long and straight, the cheeks are flat. The nose with open nostrils is large and black. The ears of the dog fit tightly to the cheeks, drooping, with rounded ends.
The neck is of medium length, muscular and without folds. The chest in the region of the heart is deep, the back is short, even, with strong muscles. The tail is at the level of the back, the belly is always tucked up. The shoulders are strong, equal in length to the shoulder blades. Paws are medium in size, round with thick pads.
Golden Retrievers are very intelligent dogs. Confirmation of these words is the research of the American professor of psychology and researcher of neuropsychology Stanley Coren, according to which this breed ranks 4th among 133 breeds in terms of intelligence. It should be noted that these dogs are excellent students who, like a sponge, absorb information throughout their lives.
The main character traits of the Golden Retriever:
Golden Retrievers only engage in combat with other dogs in critical situations when there is a risk of harm to life and health. These are very powerful dogs, and therefore they come out victorious from this kind of fights. The Golden Retriever is most likely an excellent companion rather than a guard dog. Because of his gullibility and kindness, it is easy enough to mislead him.