T – Shirts in Arada –

T – Shirts in Arada –
T - Shirts in Arada -
T – Shirts in Arada – A pair of t-shirts designed to give the impression of more fashion at work, featuring the words “The Dress for The Day.”

There are several sizes of all sizes to choose from, while the sizes of each are approximate.

I can only say that our designers were able to achieve a range of fabulous costumes for our Fashion Week event on December 14th from the top of the Empire State Building to the rooftops. We also had a few surprises of our own that you might not know if you’re already familiar with.

The above pictures are the first of a series we took up today in response to our Kickstarter campaign, and we wish them a happy new year!

The following photos are the actual dresses that will be shown in our T-Shirts on Dec 13th.

There is so much more to come! https://jiji.com.et/arada/clothing/t-shirts-wuleADWsml4vKJxIY26eLAGH.html
We are so excited by your support and your interest in making something awesome out of clothing. The t-shirts from our Dress for The Day project are a testament to that by giving the appearance of more fashion at work, we can give our customers a great experience instead of wasting precious time on the latest fashion items.

Please tell us that you’re from New York City, where clothes are expensive, and it’s so much better to make them at home than in the city of New York. We know that New York is the city where everyone who wants a beautiful t-